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Harbert Roofing has been searching for a location that will accommodate the business as it expands even more. At the old location we had about 10,000 square foot under roof and everything was spread out. All of the metal was in one shop, the fabrication portion for the metal was in another area, both offices were split up, and our bone-yard and other misc items were way out back behind the complex.

Now everything is under one roof with plenty of room to expand. We don't have to struggle finding places for the telescoping forklifts, man lifts, dump/lift bed trucks, etc... All of this equipment is to better serve the clients and customers who rely on Harbert Roofing Inc. to do their work.

PLEASE come by and visit us. We have a conference room for you to sit down and discuss ideas about your project along with literature for you to peruse while making important decisions for your investment.

It's easy access to the new building. If you're on I-5 just take the Riverside Exit and go west toward highway 273. Hirsch Court is on the south side of the road. If you're driving south on highway 273, take the Ox Yoke Road exit. Just as you pass over the railroad tracks hang a right and we're right there.

Harbert Roofing is located at 19799 Hirsch Court, Anderson, CA. Please call us at 530.223.3251 if you need further assistance.



Your roof accounts for 25% of your home's appeal. When you choose a full-service roofing contractor such as Harbert Roofing you have options, options to choose a roof that makes your home stand out when people drive by.

Take a look at some of the projects Harbert Roofing has worked on. You might find some ideas for your home.


Cypress Center Harbert Roofing is experienced with handling projects that are as complex as installing a roofing system on highly congested high-tech buildings. Having the right personnel, the correct tools, and a vast knowledge base is the reason Harbert Roofing can handle your project regardless of its size or complexity.

Phone Harbert Roofing today to see how you can be helped with your current or next project. While you're at it, check out Harbert Roofing's portfolio of past projects.

Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is an important factor in maintaining, maximizing, and extending the life of your roofing system.

HRI Van Whether you have a residential or commercial roof, there are environmental factors that affect its performance especially here in the North State.

The major benefits with a roof maintenance program are:

  • Maintaining your warranty
  • Protecting all of your assets
  • Maximizing the lifecycle of your roof
  • Reduce down time and lost work space
  • Reduce clean-up, labor, and repair expenses

Contact Harbert Roofing today to begin protecting your investment and maximize its intended potential.

In-house Sheet Metal Shop

Harbert Roofing's full service sheet metal fabrication shop can provide you with a full range of architectural sheet metal options that are custom designed to your specifications.

The staff at Harbert Roofing consistently provides superior service in dealing with a diverse array of projects.

autobrake You can utilize Harbert Roofing to meet your roofing, waterproofing, architectural needs, and general sheet metal fabrication for your project.